Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why recommendation engine is not personalized 2.0 ?

First, you have to tell your ID to your visiting site. In principle, it's not necessary. Because what we need is your recent tagging information, not your id. Unfortunately, to get your bookmark information, the site owner have to know your id. This is derived from's feed interface. But, in general, forcing to tell someone's unique id is not preferable from the aspect of privacy.

Second, this module doesn't consider the case where identity information is originally access controlled. bookmarks are apparently identity information, but it's not restricted, always published for general public. In order to deal with every identity-aware web services, we have to consider the case where services are access controlled.

These are not only the issues in personalized 2.0 services. If I have a time I can pick up many other issues to be solved.

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