Wednesday, February 22, 2006 Recommendation Engine

While researching recent's native support of JSONP, an interesting idea hit me and fired up my imagination. Devoting recent days to this development, and finally I created an attractive script moudule. " Recommendation Engine", I call it.

" Recommendation Engine" is a recommendation link list generator extracted from site owner's bookmarks archived in If you tell your ID to the site, you can get the site owner's bookmarks as a recommendation. While creating your recommendation list, your recent posts and associated tags automatically used as your preference information.

It is cool because we don't need any server infrastructure for generating recommendation list. Entire generation process is done in client side Javascript. JSON (or JSONP) and On-Demand JavaScript techniques are used to get posts.

Seeing is believing. Please look and see it.

I think it is a kind of interesting module, but I don't think it is the final achivement of my personalized 2.0 project. Yes, this module does some kind of personalization for the visitors, but techniques used in this module cannot be used in many cases. I think there're many issues to be solved there in order to be a generic personalized web 2.0 service solution.

Anyway, I created some "personalized 2.0 like " service module. It's totally fun. Enjoy yourself.

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