Saturday, February 11, 2006

JSON with Padding Tester

Against my previous post, this post doesn't go further about my project detail. Instead I'd like to show something created for my own project so far.

As I posted before, On-Demand Javascript and JSON combination is really nice, and a protocol called JSONP (JSON with Padding) is a good implementation (Yahoo is now doing similar way!). However, while XMLHttpRequest can be tested and monitored by some tools (like FireBug) ), jsonp seems cannot.

So I created a tiny testing tool to cover this. By JSON with Padding Test , you can test your jsonp service by putting and submitting your service url. Default input value is prefixed to the Yahoo Search Web Service url (with search keyword of 'google'), and jsonp url parameter is changed to 'callback' - could be changed by putting other preferred parameter name - so you can check easily what type of tool it is.

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Jigar Shah said...

Its really cool. I would like to host on loca system cos i don't have access to internet all the time. What should i do ?