Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Personalized JSONP - Google Calendar JSON Proxy Service

Google Account Authentication API and Google Calendar GData API enable us to integrate private schedule information with our applications, but they still requires us to deal with their own authentication protocol and host the program in some application server infrastructure.

Although it is read-only access, we can lookup remote feeds directly from browsers if it is provied in JSON style. JSONP is a well-known technique for this kind of JSON remoting.

But we currently don't have any JSON feeds in personalized contents, as far as I know. All JSON feeds in the internet are public - not personalized, accessible from everyone in the world.

Maybe it's because there're some security/privacy concerns. But I'm currently thinking that it would be OK to feed private data in JSON when some appropriate opt-in/out mechanizm is provided.

So, I've implemented JSON feed services for private data - Google Calendar schedule. Now 3rd party applications can get visitors' private calendar information so easily, as far as it is allowed to do that by them.

Please check out the site bellow :

Google Calendar JSON Proxy Service

Also there's a sample client application program.

Do you think this is really a good personalized web 2.0 service, don't you?

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