Thursday, August 03, 2006

Custom Calendar App using Google Authentication API for WebApp

About 1 month ago, Google announced that they opened for 3rd party web apps to access their private data (of cource under the end user's allowance). But somehow I couldn't create any valid apps to access their actual service data. Maybe because Google had a service bug, or I misunderstood their protocol. However, today, I finally found the way to grab the private schedule feed entries from Google Calendar.

Click "Your private schedules in Google Calendar", and please say "Accept" when prompted by Google. I'm simply showing your calendar feeds. Not inserting, updating, deleting, and not evilly storing the retrieved information.

You can see the source code if you are a member of ning.

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Yoz said...

Hey, cool app! I haven't tried accessing Google APIs other than search and maps before, but your code should come in very useful.

Incidentally, if you need any help with Ning or just want to chat about it, give me a yell - I'm a Ning Developer Advocate, and my email is yoz(at) We've got a whole load of features you may be interested in, just as Atom & JSON-powered web service APIs, built-in Dojo and plenty more.