Friday, June 02, 2006

Google AJAX Search and JSON Web Sevice Calling

In this blog I've mentioned about remoting technology using JSON in dynamic script loading (JSONP). It's great because it doesn't require any app server for mashuping services, and scales well.

Among major service providers, first, noticed that and widely introduced for the developers, and then Yahoo implemented same feature but even more sophisticated one. Amazon's xslt feature enables same service. However, the giant google didn't have any service interface for browser applications (except Google Maps) so far.

But finally they introduced 'Google AJAX Search'.

This enables you to embed Ajax-style search box in your site. No proxy server is needed. Static html would be enough to host the service.

I've checked how the Ajax search is working, and found that they are also using JSON with padding technique. Here is a url that is used in background communication (be sure that it is not XMLHttpRequest call!) :

This is a good news for me because I can add this google service to my JSON with padding test page. I'm offering Yahoo, Amazon,, and generic rss2json service test. But while implementing Google's JSONP test, I found that the response interface is a little different from others. So I've slightly modified JSONP stub javascript class with caution, not to affect other services.

This is my JSON with padding test page.

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